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Complete Oral Health: Know What To Care Beyond Your Teeth

The mouth is not made of just teeth, so to ensure that you are getting complete oral health, you should also consider other parts of the mouth that must be given proper cleansing. Though brushing and flossing are essential in keeping your mouth clean, there still are other areas that must not be taken for granted. In addition to the teeth, other parts of the mouth are oral mucosa, the upper and lower jaw, the gums, salivary glands, uvula, frenulum, and the tongue. All of these parts that compose the whole of our mouth are a team in its function for our speech and digestion. Since they play an important role, we should also give the favor back by keeping them healthy through regular dental check-up with our trusted dentists.

How To Take Care Of Your Teeth

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Oral Mucosa: Try to face in front of the mirror and open your mouth. Everything that you will be seeing apart from your teeth is a covered by a protective mucus membrane known as oral mucosa. The lining which is composed of epithelium and lamina propria lines the oral cavity to protect the mouth from germs and irritants that may peril your health. Oral mucosa is similar to the mucous membranes that also line nostrils and inner ears. With the presence of keratin in our bodies, it improves oral mucosa’s resistance to injuries.

Gingiva: The pink tissue that supports your teeth is the gingiva or commonly known as the gums. The gum is consisted of the oral mucosa that protects it from bacterial inflammation. Healthy gums are usually firm and coral pink in color. It may contain physiologic pigmentation, but it is still normal as long as the gum does not change in color. Increased redness and bleeding are symptoms of gum problems, so you need to ask your dental specialist for a specific advice on how to treat the problem. Remember that the gum diseases lead to tooth loss, so making your gums healthy is one key to a bright and beautiful smile.

The Human Mandible : The mandible or the jawbone are consisted of two parts called the “upper and lower jaw.” it is the structure in the mouth that enables us to speak and chew food. The upper mandible (also maxilla) forms the upper jaw which is fused to the skull. The lower jaw, on the other-hand, is separated from the skull that enables the upward and downward movement as we chew or speak.

The Tongue : Responsible for our sense of taste is the tongue. It is a muscle located on the floor of our mouth and covered with mucosal tissue that include the taste buds. Since it is the primary organ of taste, the tongue is very important in human digestive function. It moves the food to the teeth to be chewed, the chewed food then will be swallowed and the tongue will move the food to the throat to go direct to the esophagus and so on. Aside from helping us with food, the tongue also play a role in phonetic articulation that enables us to shape the sounds as we speak.

Salivary Glands: Salivary glands contains enzymes to help us break down food. The saliva is vital to oral health since it protects the teeth and gums for bacteria as well as in counteracting acidic foods that wears away the enamel of the teeth.

The Uvula : Look in the mirror again, have you seen that dangling tissue in your throat, that is the palatine uvula. Yes, it does look weird, and even scientists cannot still comprehend its true function in our body. However, it is believed to play an essential role in the flow of food and water, as well in keeping the mouth moist.

The Frenulum Linguae : The frenulum of tongue is the small flap of mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue. Frenulum linguae is very important to speech.

All parts of the mouth should be properly cared for maximum oral health and dental problem prevention.

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